New Zealand Travel

New Zealand is one of the ultimate travel destinations in the Southern Hemisphere, with something for just about anyone. New Zealand has everything, right from ski fields to volcanoes, from big cities to small towns and from beaches to mountains.New Zealand currently has a population of just over 4 million people. Auckland is the biggest

New Zealand’s North Island

From Cape Reinga in the north right through to Wellington in the south, New Zealand’s North Island offers some unique opportunities to tourist and locals alike.Auckland city is the busiest New Zealand city and arguably the commercial capital of New Zealand. Being one of the most populated cities, Auckland offers some of the best shopping

New Zealand’s South Island

Natural, untouched beauty! That’s what New Zealand’s South Island is all about. The South Island is home to the Southern Alps and some great skiing and snow boarding opportunities.Christchurch is the busiest city in the South Island and also offers an international airport, with flights connecting directly to a lot of overseas destinations. The Sumner

Online Travel Statistics

The Travel Industry Association of America (TIA) released their annual Travelers’ Use of the Internet study in December 2003. The study shows an increase in the number of people using the internet to research and book travel.TIA found that 30% of the adult U.S. population (63.8 million) consult the web for travel information. These travelers

Discover Your Back Yard

This past year with the travel budget a little light from the family ski trip we ditched the summer trip to Florida (sorry sis) to instead get to know some old familiar in the neighborhood activities. Well they familiar with me anyway, having grown up visiting these recreational areas several times through out my childhood.

Desert Inn Makes Room For Encore at Wynn Las Vegas

Nostalgically described as “another chapter in Las Vegas’ history that is being closed beneath a cloud of dust” by Las Vegas Review Journal, the name of Desert Inn stands now by the side of other famous & former Las Vegas resorts like The Dunes, Hacienda or Sands.Entitled “Encore at Wynn Las Vegas”, the new 61

Cigars: The Cigar Wrapper

With Patrice Hirschfeld:Does A Dark Wrapper Mean A Strong Cigar?Maybe you have heard that the darker the wrapper, the stronger the cigar. This is both true and not true. Let me explain! It is true if the two cigars you compare are made from the same blend, have the same binder, and their wrapper has

Cigars: The Tobacco Plant

NicotianaThe tobacco plant belongs to the family of Solanacea (same as potatoes and tomatoes), and to the genus of Nicotiana. Tobaccos grown for smoking products are classified in the subgenus Nicotiana Tabacum, species Nicotiana Tabacum L. But after decades of gene tampering and uncontrolled hybridations, it is impossible to know exactly what is what! After

Cigars: Tobacco Growing

Tobacco EverywhereFor making cigars, tobacco is grown all around the world, from Poland to South Africa, from Argentina to Canada and, westbound, from Philippines to Mexico. But cigar tobaccos are mainly grown in the intertropical areas.Tobacco OriginTobacco is known as a plant originally from America. Some species were identified in South Pacific. There are many